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GOD IS DEAD! Forget your false beliefs. Throw down your gods. And Give all of your Faith in WILSON The Winter Asian! together we will be THE WILSONATION!!!
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 Wilsons Laws

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PostSubject: Wilsons Laws   Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:45 pm

18 commandments of Wilson the Winter Asian

1. Thou shall not talk about fight club.
2. Thou shall not talk about fight club.
3. Thou must w8 until all others are finished eating to leave the table.
4. Thou shall celebrate Wilson every Monday.
5. Thou shall not read twilight.
6. Thou shall curse twilight.
7. Thou shall not read twilight.
8. Thy Gameith.
9. There will be sacrifices of hot chicks and all twilight lovers.
11. When one sees a lion, one must get into thine car.
12. Thou shall stare at Paul.
13. Thou shall not think up ideas about thine god Wilson the winter Asian.
14. Thou MUST take thine name in vain.
15. Thou shall die for Wilson, sticks, and the creator of Wilson, thou shall not question sticks, son of Wilson’s laws, if thy questions any thing then thou shall be pwned by a giant ax.
16. Thou shall always say "Wilson be praised" every time it is said or a picture of Wilson the winter Asian is shown.
17. Thou shall not touch Wilson’s image, least ye be Twilight.
18. If thou distracts or interrupts sticks son of Wilson, He shall be forced to listen to his rants.

Wilson be Praised

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Wilsons Laws
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